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729 Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV6 5HS

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We offer afordable prices as we beleive the fitness should be accessible by everyone. 

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I opened this gym to empower women and provide them an outlet to do something in which they could enjoy and keep fit and healthy in, as well as an environment they were comfortable and able to thrive.I have a passion for training as well as helping others keep fit. Having previously worked in a women’s gym that closed down, empowered me to take the bold step and build a just for ladies gym from scratch. I did this to give something back to my local community. Something that I knew would benefit women both physically and mentally. It was important for me to create a platform for women of all ages and sizes, to train and have their own personal space away from family, work and general hectic life stresses. I invite you to come and be part of our gym and family!

Maya Sandhu

Founder & CEO
Coventry's Ladies only gym
coventry gym for women

Exercise classes

All of our exercise classes are included for absolutely free in your membership options. So why not take part in group based exercise to increase your motivation and push yourself to your next goal – whatever that may be!


I have been at this gym for 4 years and have loved every second! Maya is the one of the loveliest and friendliest lady I’ve met and ensures each member is treated with care. The employees are professional and always give helpful tips and encouraging words to get you through the workout! Overall, I love coming to this gym as the atmosphere is amazing, equipment is great and it’s such a fantastic gym for women!”

Samira Arshad

“I love this gym for so many different reasons including the classes and facilities. The space is also great! Opening hours are great for early starts or late evenings! The staff who work here are incredibly helpful and always quick to answer any of my questions. I had my induction sorted out from the first day of signing up which was great for getting familiar with the space from the start.”